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Our Offer

  • innovative look at the fleet management
  • MONEY CARE – Rating drivers instead of hundreds of reports and analyzes
  • driver's working time, private and official ride
  • observation in terms of driver behavior such as: rapid acceleration, braking, speed range, the engine speed, dangerous leading a car
  • travelled kilometres and consumed fuel in individual countries
  • integration with cameras for the image recognition of the type MobilEYE
  • eCall ready!
  • analysis of working hours of the driver from the digital tachograph or cards of drivers
  • managing the whole of solving from one place (automatic upgrade from the application )
  • available system through the web browser (without additional components types SILVERLIGHT, Java)
  • data analysis on the side of the server, ultra fast generating reports
  • irrespective of the kind of the measurement system in the vehicle, TruckOnline is presenting cohesive data in reports for the entire fleet
  • all modules of the own production, module CAN built-in , ANTY JAMMING
  • the minimal conscription 7mA/12V
  • digitally integrated fuel probe with remote diagnostics
  • LCD display to communicate with the driver
  • CAN SNIFFER -noninvasive data reader of CAN bus
  • wireless temperature measurement in the cold store / for trailer, radio identification of the trailer
  • RFID driver identification, DALLAS
  • remote diagnostics, replacement software, remote configuration
  • failure frequency of devices below one permille (1 damaged device on 1000)
  • competent technical support

We are a producer and an owner of the whole of the solution, starting from the
installed device in the car and having finished on the TruckOnline application. When you need help, you are simply ringing the source up - you receive supporting authors of the whole of the solution.

We offer a complete computer system intended the fleet management with the possibility of integration with CRM or HR system and with the implementation your layout and of logotype .

We provide support for software vendors providing GPS device with CAN bus.
We manufacture and support a range of accessories for GPS devices such as the fuel probe, LCD displays or CANSNIFFERES.