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Fleet Management System

Are you looking for a system with hundreds of complicated reports and forms? This unfortunately is not TruckOnline.

We built a system with its emphasis on presenting automatically without the need for reporting events, we save your time and your money. We are the creator, producer of applications and devices. When you need help, you are simply ringing the source up, you receive supporting authors of the whole of the solution.

System is ready for integration with your modules.

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vehicles status

  • All information available ONLINE via a web browser
  • legible icons and graphical presentation of information from vehicles
  • multiple levels of access, modular design, intuitive interface
  • the ability to change the appearance of the client's needs (colors, logo)
  • sending messages via email, SMS, etc.
  • high-resolution maps OPENSTREET (the ability to integrate with another set of maps)


  • drivers ranking in terms of fuel consumption, ECO driving, driving safety
  • best and worst driver
  • automatic message to the driver (...) example - you are the best driver in the fleet, fuel consumption is reduced by 30% from the trend of the fleet…)
  • MobilEYE reports
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Standard reports

  • road report : who, what kind of car, how many miles, by which countries, how much of spent fuel
  • report detected automatically of fueling up with comparing to actual values from a petrol station
  • report of defined zones, of any input

Digital tachograph

  • working hours of drivers from the digital tachograph: 95% of served models
  • identification of the driver directly from the driver card
  • independent driver card reader as a device for automatic data archiving
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